Ripped At 50-Healthy in a Toxic World

While many workout books are focused on complicated, unrealistic diet and exercise routines, Ripped at 50 is full of easy, realistic practices, anyone at any age can follow to achieve a strong lean physique. It explains our relationship with nature and ways of sustaining a balanced lifestyle through 9 pillars. Ripped at 50 is a wonderful book by Troy Casey for men who are searching for an outline of how to take care of themselves and get in shape after 50. This is not just a book about how to get ripped or a fitness manual, it is a book about a holistic approach to living a healthier and happier life.

About The Book, Ripped At 50


Ripped at 50 is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve optimum health. The book teaches you how to boost your health to 9 unfailing, eternal, and indisputable foundational pillars. By sharing his own foils and travails with health through raising children, going through a divorce, black mould exposure, modelling career and more, Troy Casey shows you the meaning of these pillars. You get an overview of Troy’s 9 pillars in this book to remain physically and spiritually fit in your thirties, 40s, and beyond. Not only does Troy do a fantastic job of explaining his 9 foundations, but it is also easy to understand how anyone would incorporate them into their own lives through his personal storytelling. In all areas of your life, Troy provides actionable and fun approaches to being healthy. You will enjoy this book (mind, body, soul) and find reading easy to follow and understand.

About The Author



Troy Casey is also referred to as  Certified Health Nut. And for quite some time, he was a Versace model who became more and more interested in how his body worked, mostly for his job’s sake. He went on a mission to reclaim his health using any means necessary after some exposure to black mould. He served as a medicine hunter with indigenous tribes in the Amazon, studied Ashtanga Yoga, the ancient Vipassana Meditation technique, and teamed up with Paul Chek at the world-famous C.H.E.K. Institute. These methods of study as well as other techniques such as the Wim Hof Method, Ayahuasca, Qi Gong, barefoot walking, ice baths and drinking his urine, At the age of 54 years, Troy transformed his health into the best of his life. To enable him to rekindle his relationship with his wife and also to see dreams of his future, Troy used ayahuasca. He has a great dream to help build a world in his lifetime with breathable air, clean water, soil, and equitable systems for all mankind—something he thinks is absolutely achievable.

Troy has lectured and taught internationally, appearing on various TV shows, television channels, international documentaries, and in many books all over the world. This is due to his ability to effectively return clients who have struggled in all other programs to physical, mental and emotional balance. . By watching, listening and following Troy’s methods, you will be able to truly dominate all of your fitness goals at the highest level

Content Of The Book, Ripped At 50
  • 9 Easy-to-follow, long-lasting health pillars that will take you by the hand and lead you to a life of superior health, weight loss and happiness.
  • How GMOs kill your gut and make you crave carbohydrates, sugars and unhealthy foods and what you should do to repair it
  • How to fix your diet and melt fat without monitoring macros or giving up carbohydrates— the JERF solution
  • Hierarchical easy to follow ranking for the healthiest of food
  • How too many good bacteria can cause a storm of health problems in your gut
  • In your breakfast cereals, pop-tarts, bread, oatmeal, and more, the #1 carcinogenic material to look out for is widely included.
  • A common breakfast that could be the cause of allergies, sinus problems and constipation.
  • Exercises designed to help you define your legacy, discover the person you really want to be, and start living a life of intent and purpose.
  • The Four White Devils are Western Diet staples, but they produce crippling health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Almost every family has all four of these devils in the pantry.
  • Short sleep equals a short life. This fact is settled on by scientists. You will find a set of easy-to-implement sleep optimization tips inside RIPPEDAT50 that will help you fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • In your stomach, your microbe culture plays a greater hand in your health than your human genes do. Find out how to keep your microbiome safe and balanced without going vegan, detoxing every month, or wasting cash on a vitamin tank.
  • To be happy and fit, you don’t need to lift weights, climb Mt. Everest, or be an Olympic athlete. Find out how to build programs of exercise and movement that make sense for your life, and instead of grinding you into the dirt, keep you feeling energized, vitalized, and refreshed.
  • 50% of the population were killing themselves, literally. Find out the simple-to-correct-mistake they make so that you can stop it on your own.
  • The man-made routine of sleep that generates a 24% increase in heart attacks
  • How do sleeping-in really affect your health?
  • A simple way to wind the clock back 10 years and probably increase your testicles’ size
  • A simple way to push nutrients into any part of the body, absorb food and at the same time alleviate stress.
  • The rare method of giving me six-pack abs without doing a single ab workout or even dieting
  • Breathing strategies that enhance the quality of sleep, zap anxiety and eradicate depression.
  • A simple practice of introducing an explosive dose of pleasure into your being to start and finish your day.
  • Oh, WAKE UP! Do this in the morning to wash the sleep from your eyes and the sleepiness from your mind so that ferocity will strike your day.
  • Elite Athletes, Billionaire Businessmen, and other High Achievers’ common practice that prepares you to smash every target you currently have
  • The only exercise you need to be lean, healthy and become a portrait of the perfect human being.
  • The 7 stress factors that cause illness, illness, and unsightly weight gain
  • An emergency practice that needs no equipment or a special place to help me with anxiety attacks, fight off panic episodes, and break free from my mind’s jail.
  • Tips for handling the radiation that slams tension into your body everywhere you go
  • And a whole lot more
Benefits of Ripped At 50 Ebook
  • This book teaches you how food and sleeping habits can be corrected.
  • Stress Relief: Cut out a lot of stress and help create a great morning routine in your daily life.
  • A path to self-love: in the most unhealthy setting ever inhabited by man, it shows how to get ripped, lean, safe and happy.
  • The book teaches how to lift your health to the unfailing, eternal, and indisputable “9 Foundational Pillars”.
  • Learn how to master the art of immune system strengthening, to live the longest and to enjoy life the most. This is a scientific fact, not mere speculation.
  • Within Ripped At 50, you can find ways to improve your immune safety and potentially avoid deadly diseases, stay fit and healthy, and become a representation of the word perfect.
Pros and Cons Of Ripped At 50 ebook


  • Ripped At 50 provides an approach that blends ancient traditions with modern science in a radically different, enjoyable and inspiring way, from breathing practice to diet to lifestyle hacks.
  • Exercise, or diet, or breathing, or sleep, or mindfulness, or meditation, or nutrients, one or two is focused on by many guides. But with just enough detail and without patronizing science or hyperbole, this book covers them all.
  • It’s a journey to which we are all connected. It’s all about a true connection to being a better human being. Troy’s story provides great insight into the challenges that contributed to his fruitful work and triumphs.
  • It has a very clear way of defining both the problems and the answers to the best life we can live.
  • It included actionable and fun approaches to being healthy in all areas of your life.


I must confess, there are no negative aspects to the book. Based on my research and a host of reviews affirming its authenticity, it is definitely worth your money.

The book, however, is only available in soft copies. So, to get it, you need an internet connection.

RIPPED AT 50 is a journey to self love.
The book teaches you how to hoist your health onto 9 foundational pillars that are unfailing, everlasting, and indisputable. RIPPED at 50 teaches you the importance of these pillars by sharing my own foils and toils with health through having children, going through divorce, black mold exposure, my modeling career, and more.

In his experience & honesty, Troy has proved himself to be 100% dependable. It’s no doubt that this information is important for people to survive. To truly achieve our potential, our tri-part human bodies must be in sync. I think this book will put things in perspective and explain how great health is attainable & beneficial.

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