TACFIT bodyweight exercise for you

What is Tacfit?

It is a gymnastics that has also been very successful in recent times in Italy. It comes from the USA where Fitness has always been taken seriously and has been practiced there for many years. This is a complete training course, coded in hundreds of different training protocols, between standard and specialty. Tacfit is a functional training exercise, useful for training all the muscles in the body in a short time. If you are wondering what the advantages are, it can be easily said: completeness, efficiency, transparency and speed in training. A Tacfit workout can last up to 20 minutes, and that doesn’t mean it’s less effective than a longer session.

Tacfit, cos'è e qualche esempio di esercizi

Benefits of Tacfit

Tacfit is a system that allows you to train and develop joint mobility, physical conditioning and quick recovery. Moreover, Tacfit will allow you to train intensely without causing stress or musculoskeletal injury. Tacfit will guarantee you tangible improvements, both in terms of aesthetics and in sporty performance, quickly. You will be able to increase your strength, endurance, agility, fitness and general fitness. Not forgetting that Tacfit is fun. You can change exercises every day without getting bored and never repeat the same circuit. You won’t get used to the exercises that usually happen in the gym. In fact, Tacfit allows you to train all muscles in a short time. This means that in just 20 minutes of training you will have the same results as about 4 hours of traditional cardio. Obviously, a trained person might decide to do two training sessions of twenty minutes each. With about twenty minutes of rest, between the first and second minutes.

How Tacfit Works

At Tacfit, all movements, circuits and training methods are given by precise analysis of human biomechanics and the biochemical processes that regulate their activity. Tacfit involves movements performed with the body free, and therefore more effective than movements performed by machines, which also helps us to increase awareness of our body. The only equipment allowed are sticks , dumbbells , rings , ropes and rubber bands .

There are 26 training programs, each of which can be performed at 4 different intensity levels and another 6 sync levels. The degree of synchronization must be determined on the basis of material preparation. By passing these models, you can get more than 150 different training programs. All exercises are designed to allow those who practice them to do them without any health risks. In fact, all exercises are performed without coercion or artificiality. The effort, and therefore the results of the exercise, is due to the intensity of the program. In fact, each program is characterized by a high number of repetitions and a minimum number of recoveries. All exercises are performed in turn, with no rest between sets in groups of ten or eleven. After a macro exercise, he rests for a few minutes and repeats the sequence. Up to a complete workout about 20 to 30 minutes. Tacfit training is based on the principle that the beats are always kept high, so the muscles become strong and elastic and the cardiovascular system benefits from it.

Who is it recommended to?

Tacfit is a recommended exercise program for everyone, of course you have to choose the level of difficulty that best suits your ability and fitness. Tacfit, precisely for this reason, is ideal both for housewives without a stressful sports life, athletes and the military. Anyone can practice Tacfit, regardless of gender, age or body shape. In addition, it can be practiced anywhere, in the gym of course, but also at home, in the gym or in other open spaces.

Tacfit, come allenarsi con il corpo in maniera "tattica" - parte 2 |  DeAbyDay

Tacfit exercise

But let’s take a training example. Tacfit sessions are simple, because it involves performing multi-joint bodyweight movements. The effectiveness of these exercises lies in their ability to stimulate multiple muscle groups and multiple bones at the same time. Then, when you require increased effort, the tools come into play, which are sticks, dumbbells, hoops, parallel bars, and elastic bands or ropes. Each of these tools has its own characteristics. Clubs, for example, thanks to their processing allow the activation of several kinetic chains. kettlebells instead they allow you to work more efficiently on dynamic strength. Kettlebells improve hand grip and forearm muscles. The important thing, before starting a Tacfit session, is to warm up a little, and do the exercises gradually, moving from the lightest to the most difficult.

A Tacfit training program

Below we will recommend the Tacfit exercise program. The first exercise we recommend involves holding two heavy dumbbells, each weighing about 30 kg, and in an upright position, you walk at least 15 meters with small steps. This exercise is used as a warm-up, for the thighs, torso, abs and back in particular. In addition, it also allows you to be active on foot and on foot. The second exercise involves tying four rubber bands that are anchored to the wall or back to the bust. Start in a standing position, with one foot in front and knee bent. The other leg remains the same, extended. Take three steps forward, first with one foot, then with the other. In total you have to do 10 repetitions. This exercise is to strengthen the calves, abs, and lower back.

Another exercise: use a ball by bending both elbows and lying on the ball. With your feet, you must touch the ground. Extend right arm with left elbow bent and vice versa. Useful for training the torso, arms and abs. Also with the rolling ball, you can do push-ups. Finally, the dumbbell exercise. Grab one in each hand and get into a push-up position on the ground. From this position, walk on all fours, facing forward. Move one arm first, then the other, and then the leg. Useful exercises for the torso, abs and back in general.

Corso di Tacfit Silvi, Montesilvano, Pescara, Pineto

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